Transforming Your Life

Shedding the Layers of Bondage with Tarawoner Lyles-Kelly

Live your Truth. Awaken your Spirit.

Tarawoner Yvonne Lyles Kelly was called to ministry in 2006 by the late Reverend Donald Thompson of Dayton, Ohio. He recognized her gifts of



and Empathy

and he explained to her how she could use her talents for the glory of God. From this revelation, TYL Foundation Inc. was birthed. TYL stands for Transforming Your Life. It also stands as an acronym for Tarawoner’s initials.

The mission of TYL foundation is to shed the layers of bondage that constrict the soul from reaching its true purpose. The pillars of the foundation emphasize

self-worth, self-confidence, and inner Peace.


Mrs. Kelly has worked in various non-profit agencies for decades and has been a family life education since the 1970s. She has impacted the lives of unwed mothers with parenting classes, child-birth education programs, and lessons on personal hygiene for baby and mother. On several occasions, Mrs. Kelly has been asked to participate in high school and church programs in and around Cincinnati. Mrs. Kelly completed Covenant Connection Classes and a six month course of “Equipping for Service” at her church, which strengthened her gifting and the totality of her ministry. She has attended many conferences including: The Leadership Conference for Empowering Women, Domestic Abuse Conference, Leadership Skills in Conducting Groups and Rites and Passages.

As a mentor, mother, and wife for over forty years, commitment to family, faith, and the freedom of women all over the world is the strength and mission of her life.


Tarawoner believes every single one of us is a reflection of Spirit (whether we remember it or not). Her passion for this work comes from her own lifetime of dedication and service to the God within and without. May we all remember that we are made from divine light.